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Zucchelli Channel

Soft Tissue Esthetic Surgery

The unique On Line course by one among the maximum experts in periodontal surgery

Zucchelli Channel is an online educational video collection, comprising the content of Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli’s Mucogingival Esthetic Surgery and Periodontal Regeneration courses, as well as a complete ReLive collection of surgical videos with LIVE commentary.

The course Periodontal Regeneration will be available via continuing education formula for all the subscribers from the first week of May (1 video per month).


See the exclusive video presentation commented by Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli about the course. Get to know an easy, cost-effective and innovative approach to education.


Mucogengival Esthetic Surgery

- Aetiology and pathogenesis of mucogingival aesthetic defects
- Prognosis of root coverage
- Coronally moved flap
- Laterally moved flap
- Bilaminar techniques
- Connective tissue graft harvesting procedures
- Coronally advanced flap connective tissue graft
- Gingival tissue graft and increase of keratin tissue
- Two steps technique

- Surgical treatment of multiple gingival recessions on patients with high aesthetic needs
- Coronally moved flap
- Bilaminar technique
- Combined techniques

- Video and ReLive Surgery of single and multiple gingival recession treatment

Periodontal Regeneration

- Soft tissue management in periodontal regeneration
- Diagnosis and prognosis of vertical bony defects
- A novel approach to minimizing gingival recession in periodontal regeneration

- Surgical therapy
- Connective tissue graft "wall" technique in the treatmentof gingival recession associated with vertical bony defect

- Continuing Education ReLive Video Surgeries