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The Ambassador Project


The Ambassador Project has been designed in order to give the possibility to your clinical experience to shine, by using the most advanced digital marketing tools in an easy and innovative way.
All you need to do is to complete your BIO on and start posting cases with follow-ups, and we will help you to spread your experience on the web.

Who is the Ambassador

The Ambassador is a dental professional who aims to communicate his/her expertise by using the most innovative web tools dedicated to knowledge sharing procedures, with the objective of creating a personal community of followers from all over the World with whom exchange opinions and ideas.
Thanks to the Clinical Post instrument made available by osteocom, advanced clinical knowledge sharing logics are made easy and available for everyone with these goals in mind.

Why become an Ambassador

By becoming an Ambassador, you will join an international community of renowned professionals who believe clinically relevant experiences to be the main voices within the dental community.
Every Ambassador is given exclusive access to a series of tools and solutions aimed at boosting his/her visibility on the web, as well as offer a practical help to one's professional growth.